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Start a Business Guide

What kind of business should I start? That is a common question asked by people who are growing tired of their 9-5 job and want to take control of their future. In this Start a Business Guide, I’ll show you some ways that you can start a business without a lot of up-front investment. I’ll give you some ideas about what you can sell, while showing you how to do it more effectively.

Start a Business Guide Idea #1: Forget about products or services. Rather than trying to think about a specific product or service, think about a target market who has a problem you can solve. You have a collection of talents and skills and knowledge that is unique to you and these qualities can be applied to solve a problem that your target market is experiencing. You just need to figure out who your market is!

Start by thinking about who you relate to, what market your skills tend to be used by, and who you like spending time with. Chances are, those are going to be three of the best indicators that will tell you who your target market might be.

Start a Business Guide Idea #2: Think “solution clusters”.¬†Once you have identified your target market and their problem, you can now think about a solution. But don’t think about a specific product or service! Instead, think about a cluster of products and services you can offer.

Perhaps you can offer:

  • Free information on a blog (with pay-per-click advertising where you earn some revenue when people click through)
  • Affiliate products (where you promote, for a commission, products or services created by other people)
  • Ebooks and other informational products (these are higher profit items that sell even while you sleep)
  • Coaching, consulting, advising (you can do this over the phone or in-person or even through email, depending on your target market).

Eventually, you may decide to sell other products or services but this is a great place to start: Create solution clusters that solve your target market’s problems.

After you’ve identified your target audience and looked at the solutions you can provide to their problems, consider this one more step: Think about narrowing your target market. A narrow target market might seem counter-intuitive but it can help you sell more while improving your communication and lowering expenses. That’s because narrow target markets are easier to target and when you target them effectively, you’ll sell more.

Want to know the ultimate secret to business success? Find a need and solve it for a specific group of people!

Best Home Based Internet Business

A good Internet business guide should help you understand the common mistakes that other people had been making for the past few years in their quest to make money over internet through selling information products. Still, the unfortunate fact is that very few such guides exist that could be termed as genuine. Many self-proclaimed Internet marketing gurus turn out to be sheer cheats and the operations conducted by them elaborate scams to make themselves rich while leaving those who approach them even poorer than before. Where have all these people trying to pursue a decent earning through the best home based Internet business opportunities gone wrong?

It is time to analyze the mistakes that such people had been making repeatedly, the pitfalls into which they had fallen, and the wrong direction that they had been following. These rules of selling information products that could be termed as old or outdated had been advocated so strongly that nearly every person trying to make an online living had believed it to be the only way. Just about everyone else out there is following the old rules of the game. These old rules of selling information products as the best home based internet business had been the cause of failure for a great number of persons.

Outdated and Failed Rules in selling information products online:

Old rule #1: Find a hot market to go into…
Old rule #2: Create an information product…
Old rule #3: Write a sales letter…
Old rule #4: Buy cheap pay-per-click traffic(and send it to the sales letter)…
Old rule #5: Sell an information product…

It is true to some extent that the rules 2, 3, and 5 are valid even now and are going to be useful in future also. However, they are not going to lead you to any kind of reasonable success in best home based Internet business on their own. Lots of other new factors had crept into the market and the entire scenario had completely changed in the last few years. Before going into that aspect, let us find out why the rules 1 and 4 had been a total failure.

The reason for the miserable failure of the first rule asking you to find out a hot Internet market is that the competition had increased manifold in the last two decades in every field. The market had become so much overcrowded that the information products available on any topic that you try to imagine are not only in hundreds or thousands but in hundreds of thousands. Further, the fourth rule of using pay per click advertising for diverting traffic is being used by nearly every person, corporation, or business entity on the World Wide Web that it had become so hard to make any profit using this method. These are the reasons for the collapse of the previously extolled golden rules of Internet business guide.

It would be clear now that the rules which initially brought success had broken down, not because of their fundamental lack of validity but due to the enormous overburden that they had been forced to bear. This necessitates a new and under the radar approach that revisits the concept of best home based Internet business from a fresh point of view.

Home Business Guide

As more and more people lose their jobs, the allure of starting a home-based business and escaping the work force seems more and more appealing. In reality, there are thousands of people who have made comfortable lifestyles for themselves by leaving the work force and starting home based businesses. So, below, I’m going to outline a quick guide to give you an idea of which type of business is best for you.

First off in our home business guide is Network Marketing or MLM companies. In these opportunities, independent contractors are accepted to join in a pyramid-style structure. These contractors make money by selling products and services and recruiting enrollees underneath them. Typically, a consultant pays an upfront cost to join the business, or opportunity.

Next is Affiliate Marketing. In this business model, an individual offers to advertise a product created as an affiliate. Unlike MLM companies, there is often no way to earn money based on recruiting new consultants. This type of a home business model is best for those who have a large list of email contacts numbering into the thousands whom they can recommend products and services to. Generally, affiliates are awarded 50% commissions based on all sales.

Similar to affiliate marketing is CPA marketing, where the owner of a large email list earns money by simply referring people to opt in on a lead capture page. CPA marketers are paid for each opt in they refer.

Also, some individuals who read this home business guide may find that they would prefer to start their own company based on marketing their own products and services. This is a great option, since home business owners are able to keep all of the money earned on each sale. The downside: building a ‘brand’ and a reputation is difficult when starting out.

Obviously, there are a number of other ways in which an at-home startup can be built, but these are the three easiest models for a new upstart home-based entrepreneur to start out in. All three are legitimate business models, and I have found success in each.